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Choosing An Inspection Company

We hope this information is of value to you and that you choose CPFI for your next inspection.

1. How soon could my inspection be carried out? My contract deadline date is near…
We can generally conduct an inspection for you within 48 hours of your request. However in an urgent situation we will endeavour to complete the inspection within 24 hours. We encourage you to be on site.

2. How long has your business been operating?
CPFI is Queensland’s most experienced full time Pool Fence Inspection Company.

3. What standard will your inspections be conducted to?
CPFI will conduct inspections above and in accordance with Australian Standards.

4. Do you provide detailed reports?
All reports are comprehensive and written in an easy to understand format together with digital photo imagery with each photo explained and indexed.

5. How & when do I pay for my reports?
You can pay for your reports when making a booking or by simply paying the inspectors on the day. We accept cash and most credit cards.

WARNING!!! – beware it is no longer compulsory in Queensland for an individual or company
conducting inspections to have professional indemnity

Looking for an Inspector? Be sure to ask these questions!

  1. Can you organise a time with the agent and tenants if applicable?
  2. Do you include digital photographs of hard to access areas?
  3. Do you offer free after inspection support?
  4. Is the company locally owned and operated?

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