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Professional Pool Fence Safety Inspections on the Gold Coast

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Drowning remains one of the leading causes of death in Queensland for children aged below five years old. Some of the practical solutions to reduce this statistic and save lives include pool fencing, active supervision and swimming education. By December 1st 2015, the state of Queensland made it compulsory for all regulated swimming pools within its jurisdiction to meet a single barrier standard. The actual implementation of this law began in 2009 and the state expected full compliance from all concerned by the date mentioned. Information on pool compliance is available from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. Pool owners may also visit their website to check their registration.

The state’s single standard is specifically created to increase the safety of swimming pools and to simplify the pool safety laws. Previously, the safety laws included a total of 11 separate standards which include height and strength of the barriers, mandatory non-climb areas, gate latches, and securing direct access from building to pool.

This standard is applicable to both new and existing pools within residential units such as houses and unit complexes, hotels, motels, and other guest accommodations, and caravan and mobile van parks. All pool owners must ensure that their property complies with the standard on or before december 1, especially if the property is sold or leased.

Non-compliance to the pool safety standard will result in an upfront fine of $824.60 for individuals and $2,356 for corporate owners. On top of this, the court can impose penalty running up to $19.437.

Our service includes pool inspection only. We do not offer to construct pool fencing. However, we can guarantee you impartial advice and ensure that your pool fencing is safe and compliant with the standard.

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Pool Safety Inspection Checklist

Before we come out to perform a pool safety inspection, familiarise yourself with these points:

  • Check the distance of your climbable objects from the fence – Any object with toeholds and/or ledges that are 10mm or more must be positioned at least 900mm away from the outer side of the pool fence and 300mm away from the inner side of the fence.
  • Trim your branches – Trees or branches that could be used to access the pool area must be removed.
  • Check your pool gates – Pool gates must be self-latching, self-closing, and must swing away from the pool. In addition, pool latches must be positioned at least 1.5 metres high.
    Restrict window openings – Any windows that lead to the pool area must be installed with security screens or be have a restricted opening of 100mm.
  • Windows – Any windows that open into your pool area should have security screens or be restricted to open only 100mm.
  • Check your door position – Make sure that you don’t have any doors that open directly into the pool area
  • Measure your pool fence height – Pool fences must be a minimum of 1.2 metres high and any gaps must be less than 100 mm. Fences must also have a non-climb portion of 900mm or more.
  • Clear resuscitation signs – Your resuscitation signs must be visible from the pool area.

CPR sign for pool

Required CPR Sign

Click here to view/download the necessary CPR sign needed as a safety precaution.

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