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Meth Testing

The use of Methamphetamine (also known as Meth and Ice) is at an all-time high in Australia and is posing a severe threat to property owners and occupants, financially as well as health related.

Meth residue is invisible, leaving no odour and can only be detected through proper testing. A pre-purchase Meth residue screening can help to ensure you’re not buying a house or apartment with an invisible problem, which can become costly if not detected early on. Our regular checks provide a deterrent to meth use and detect contamination problems early.

As a landlord, conducting screening for Meth residue between tenancies ensures you are living up to your responsibility to provide a healthy and safe living environment for your occupants. Australian laws (EPA and local government) say that Meth contamination above 0.5 micrograms in a space 100cm square (0.5μg/100cm²) is not acceptable.

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Who should consider a Meth residue testing?

  • Home buyers You can get a pre-purchase house check to save on costly repairs if the house is contaminated.
  • Landlords Yearly or end of lease tests done to determine if Meth has been used in the house, which should prevent users renting the house on a long-term basis.
  • Parents and Homeowners: Do you suspect someone in your home is doing Meth or Ice? We can test for you.
  • Renters: Before renting a property, we can check if the Meth contamination levels are present.
  • Real Estate Agents: Offering meth testing as part of your packages for Vendors and buyers can lead to greater peace of mind and more sales.
  • Property Managers As a regular part of end/ beginning of lease procedures to ensure your duty of care is being met to all tenants

CPFI provides a totally impartial and confidential Meth residue screening service to early detect the presence of Methamphetamine residue, and to establish the safety of a property for its residents.

Book a Meth Residue Test

If you have suspect Meth use in your property, arrange for a test to be done today. Reports can be express posted, faxed or emailed directly to you to avoid any delays.

We can test any property for Meth-related contamination – and where necessary, we can help arrange for a deep clean to remediate the home in order to restore a safe, clean living environment.

Combine your Meth screening with a pre purchase building and pest inspection so you can make an informed decision about the property in question.  CPFI carries out building and pest inspections services and Meth screenings on the Gold Coast with surrounds – Call us on 0411 049 528 or book online today.

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